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Voice Paging

We offer Voice Paging!

Voice paging is a specialty service not available in most large cities due to the fact that as many as 500 digital display pages can be transmitted in the time required for just one 25 second voice page.  Come in today and ask about voice paging.

Transmitters and Paging Terminals

Tortoise uses state of the art equipment ensuring reliability and the best possible coverage.  Our local transmitters are licensed for the maximum power that the Federal Communication Commission will allow.  In fact they are 3  times more powerful than other local paging transmitters to insure a Tortoise page gets through.

Tortoise uses only 100% digital paging terminals insuring the best possible service.  Our terminal is capable of storing your pages      and playing them back if you want to hear them again or to retrieve a missed page.

As the local paging provider we immediately work to cure any outages as soon as possible.  We constantly do behind-the-scenes maintenance to prevent outages.  We have spare system modules on hand just in case something actually fails.

Own a pager not on the Tortoise network?

Do you own a pager but isn't currently on the Tortoise Paging network?  Tortoise Paging can recrystal most Motorola pagers for operation on the Tortoise Paging network overnight. 

Please contact Tortoise for information concerning compatibility before you purchase a pager from another supplier.  We do not currently support the "FLEX" paging protocol due to that format having poor performance in rural areas similar to the Indian Wells Valley.